About Us

       Wild Roan Co. was established June 2018, although formerly known as Wild Roan Boutique. I knew that I wanted to run a business from home, and I was also well aware that I loved clothes. And shoes. And all the things. So I set out to curate a casual brand with western- inspired pieces. I wanted items that were casual for day-to-day wear, but had the ability to be dressed up, as well statement pieces that were really versatile enough to build numerous outfits around. 

Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of connecting with women all over the nation and even Greece, Germany and Canada through this company! 

Outside of Wild Roan, our family raises crops, cattle and goats. I also have an expensive, unhealthy, hay-burning hobby better known 'horses', in case the store name didn't indicate. And a fun little side fact, the Wild Roan Co. logo was recreated from a photo I took on the back of my favorite horse, Reverend.


I feel incredibly blessed to follow my dreams as a small business owner and I am so very thankful for each and every customer that has made this possible. 

Thanks for stopping by!

      Stay Wild,